Maths No Problem

“A child-centered approach which is fun to teach using physical resources, problem solving and group work.”

To enable successful teaching of the 2014 National Curriculum for maths, we have chosen to follow ‘Maths No Problem’ for children in key stage one and key stage two. Maths No Problem is a specific programme for teaching and learning maths based on successful methods tried and tested in Singapore.

The programme focuses on ensuring children have secure number skills which can then be explored and applied in different ways across the math curriculum. Children will also use their knowledge of maths to be able to solve problems and develop their reasoning skills when explaining their thoughts to their peers. This is also encouraged through the different characters who the children meet in the books who ask questions to prompt children to explain and explore further. The programme also allows children to use a wide range of practical equipment to allow children to demonstrate their learning in their own way which will enable them to master maths.

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