EAL at Firs 

At Firs we have a lots of children who speak English as their second or third language. In each class there is a ‘Hello’ poster which includes many different languages. There is also a world map to celebrate the different countries that the children come from and the languages that they speak.

Many children are still learning English when they come to Firs and there are lots of websites that can help continue to learn this at home.

British Council – Learn English Kids

MES English

Cambridge English

ESL Games

In school we also offer regular activity mornings in the Orchard to help children and other members of the family develop their understanding of English to allow them to communicate within the school community and within the city.

European Languages Day

European Day of Languages is celebrated every year on the 26th September. At Firs we have lots of different languages, so we take the opportunity to celebrate them all. Each class did a different activity to celebrate languages – some even learnt to say ‘Hello’ and ask different questions to each other.

Click heere for the Eurpoean Day of Languages Website



Celebrating our Languages!

To celebrate the many languages that we have at Firs some children from Resilient Redwoods and Awesome Oaks have created videos saying numbers in their own language. Maybe you could learn a new language yourself?


Romanian – Claudia

 Punjabi – Asawar

 English – Delcan

 Russian – Deniels

 Roma – Dominika

 Punjabi – Farhan

 Slovakian – Kamil

 Hindi – Prince

 Urdu – Rabia

 Kurdish – Shaniar

 Slovakian – Silvia

 Latvian – Tomass

 Polish – Angelika & Weronika

 English – Liam

 Mandarin – Flora

 Urdu – Pakeeza


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